Construction work for multi-dwelling buildings and individual houses

Buyer: Portsmouth City Council

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Portsmouth City Council ('the Council') is leading on the set up of a sub-regional framework agreement for the design and construction of new social housing. The framework may also be used for the delivery of other similar residential schemes, for example delivery of new build University Halls of Residence. A minimum of 4 contractors and a maximum of 6 contractors will be appointed a place on the framework.
The Council estimates that the total value of contracts let via the framework agreement over the four year period it is operational will range from approximately 13 000 000 GBP — 18 000 000 GBP. The lesser value of works quoted is based upon the Council's estimated requirements whilst the higher value is based upon the estimated requirements of the Council plus those of the other contracting authorities who will have access to the agreement.
Individual contracts let via the framework agreement will range in value from approximately 500 000 GBP to 8 000 000 GBP, although there may be occasions where the upper value is exceeded. All contracts will be let via a mini-competition process.
The Council will establish the framework concurrently with the letting of a contract for the development of the Illustrious House site. The value of the works is estimated at approximately 2 300 000 GBP. The JCT 2011 Design and Build form of Contract will be used to let the Illustrious House contract, however subsequent call off contracts may be let using the full suite of JCT contracts utilising a range of procurement strategies including but not limited to design and build, early contractor involvement, two stage tendering and traditional construction only.
The Council is aiming to have awarded the framework by 22.12.2014 with the framework becoming operational on 9.1.2015. The contract for the Illustrious House site will also commence from 9.1.2015 at the design process point Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) 2013 Plan of Work Stage 3 — Developed Design.
The Council's target date for works commencement in respect of the Illustrious House site is 9.2.2015. The Council's target works duration period is approximately 18 months with a target handover date of the completed housing by 15.8.2016.
Once operational the framework will be open for a maximum duration of four years during which time the Council, and the additional neighbouring contracting authorities stated below, will have the facility to utilise the agreement. The set-up of the framework will place no obligation on the Council or the neighbouring contracting authorities to use the framework agreement.
The framework agreement will be available for use by members of the Portsmouth Regional Procurement Partnership (PRPP) plus East Hampshire District Council (EHDC).
The PRPP is made up of the following members:
— Portsmouth City Council
— Havant Borough Council
— Fareham Borough Council
— Gosport Borough Council
— University of Portsmouth
— NHS Portsmouth — trading as Solent Supplies Team (and its successors in title)
— Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust — trading as Solent Supplies Team (and its successors in title)
As the framework arrangements will be available for the contracting authorities stated above; any tenderer who enters a bid must be able to undertake works in all of these locations.
The deadline for submission of requests for clarification is 14.11.2014 23:59 with the deadline for tender submissions following on 24.11.2014 14:00. A bidders briefing session will be held on Thursday 23
October at the Councils Civic Offices. Further details of this briefing will be published as correspondence via the Council's InTend e-sourcing solution.
Tender documentation for this scheme can be obtained from the Council's InTend e-sourcing solution using the following web address:

United Kingdom

Published date:
Oct 15 2014

Nov 24 2014

45211000 - Construction work for multi-dwelling buildings and individual houses
45211100 - Construction work for houses
45211200 - Sheltered housing construction work
45211300 - Houses construction work
45211340 - Multi-dwelling buildings construction work
45211341 - Flats construction work
45212410 - Construction work for lodging buildings
45214700 - Construction work for halls of residence
45215100 - Construction work for buildings relating to health
45215214 - Residential homes construction work
71000000 - Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services
71221000 - Architectural services for buildings
71241000 - Feasibility study, advisory service, analysis
71242000 - Project and design preparation, estimation of costs
71244000 - Calculation of costs, monitoring of costs
71245000 - Approval plans, working drawings and specifications
71246000 - Determining and listing of quantities in construction
71313400 - Environmental impact assessment for construction
71313410 - Risk or hazard assessment for construction
71313420 - Environmental standards for construction
71313430 - Environmental indicators analysis for construction
71313440 - Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) services for construction
71313450 - Environmental monitoring for construction
71314000 - Energy and related services
71314100 - Electrical services
71314200 - Energy-management services
71314300 - Energy-efficiency consultancy services
71314310 - Heating engineering services for buildings
71321000 - Engineering design services for mechanical and electrical installations for buildings
71321200 - Heating-system design services
71351500 - Ground investigation services
71510000 - Site-investigation services
71530000 - Construction consultancy services
45111000 - Demolition, site preparation and clearance work
45261215 - Solar panel roof-covering work
45310000 - Electrical installation work
45311000 - Electrical wiring and fitting work
45312000 - Alarm system and antenna installation work
45312320 - Television aerial installation work
45313100 - Lift installation work
45314200 - Installation of telephone lines
45315300 - Electricity supply installations
45321000 - Thermal insulation work
45330000 - Plumbing and sanitary works
45331100 - Central-heating installation work
45331110 - Boiler installation work
45332000 - Plumbing and drain-laying work
45332400 - Sanitary fixture installation work
45333000 - Gas-fitting installation work
45341000 - Erection of railings
45342000 - Erection of fencing
45400000 - Building completion work
45410000 - Plastering work
45420000 - Joinery and carpentry installation work
45421100 - Installation of doors and windows and related components
45430000 - Floor and wall covering work
45440000 - Painting and glazing work
45451000 - Decoration work
45451100 - Ornamentation fitting work
45261000 - Erection and related works of roof frames and coverings
45261300 - Flashing and guttering work
45261410 - Roof insulation work
45261420 - Waterproofing work
45262100 - Scaffolding work
45262210 - Foundation work
45262410 - Structural steel erection work for buildings
45262500 - Masonry and bricklaying work

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