DARD - Kinnegar & Locksley Park Culvert (Works) (B2)

Buyer: Department of Finance and Personnel Northern Ireland

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The Contract is for the provision of repairs to defective sections of the Kinnegar/ Locksley Park culverts to an acceptable standard. The culverts are located in the general Finaghy area at Kinnegar Road, Locksley, Sicily and Priory Park.
The works are located in trafficked roads, bus routes, outside schools, businesses, health centres, busy thoroughfares, parkland, private properties, and gardens.

Details of works as follows:
• CIPP Lining: 639m, diameter: 375-600mm
• Open cut pipe laying: 281m, diameter: 375-1000x750mm
• CIPP patch repairs: 10 No. diameter: 300-600mm
• Sealing of existing manholes: 7 No. located in private lands and public roads
• New manholes: 15 No. located in private lands and public roads
• Cut back intrusions remotely: 7 No. host pipe diameter: 300-525mm
• Desilt culverts: 362m, diameter: 225-1000x800mm
• New outfall structure for 1000x800mm pipe
• Post repair CCTV surveys
• Reinstatement of all works and surfacing
• All associated traffic management as per TransportNI requirements
• Overpumping of flows

Throughout the works the existing culverts must continue to operate and should suffer no deterioration from the standard performance.

The contractor will be required to undertake stakeholder liaison and ensure members of the public and statutory bodies are informed of the works at regular periods.

The Contract period is approximately 7 months.

The Contractor and any sub-contractors should be experienced in the area of trenchless repairs.

United Kingdom

Published date:
Jan 01 1900

Jun 16 2015

Contracts & Standards Branch


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