Cork City and Mallow Network Contracts

Buyer: Irish Water

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Irish Water is responsible for the treatment and distribution of drinking water and the provision of sewer collection systems in Cork City and County.

Lot 1: A number of Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) have been identified for removal from the sewer network in Mallow as they are currently in breach of the Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive and are the subject of an European Court of Justice (ECJ) infringement notice.

The removal of these CSOs will necessitate new trunk sewers to be constructed within the town.

Lot 2: As part of the implementation of a Water Conservation Project for the city, watermains in the network have been identified for rehabilitation. These include watermains that:

 Are not suitably responsive to active leakage control measures;
 Have water quality issues;
 Have reached the end of their service life; and
 Have insufficient hydraulic capacity and are impacting on the efficient operation of the existing network.
New sections of water mains have also been identified which will link existing strategic water supplies and provide security of supply to Cork City.


Published date:
Apr 15 2018

May 24 2018

45232400 - Sewer construction work
44114220 - Concrete pipes and fittings
44130000 - Sewer mains
44131000 - Sewage chambers
44163130 - Sewer pipes
45112100 - Trench-digging work
45231300 - Construction work for water and sewage pipelines
45232100 - Ancillary works for water pipelines
45232150 - Works related to water-distribution pipelines
45232152 - Pumping station construction work
45111100 - Demolition work


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