Consultancy Frameworks for Minor Works Schemes up to a value of 1 Million Pounds

Buyer: Belfast Health & Social Care Trust

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Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, the contracting authority, hereinafter referred to as the Client, is seeking to engage a total of 5 multi-disciplinary design teams to provide consultancy services in connection with Minor Works Schemes as defined in Section 2.3 under five separate Framework Agreements of two years duration extendable for a further two years (maximum) subject to the satisfactory performance of the successful design teams and at the absolute discretion of the Client.

Multi-disciplinary design teams are hereinafter referred to as Teams.

Other Public Bodies that will be permitted to avail of these Frameworks are listed below:-

Northern Ireland Ambulance Service
Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service
Northern Ireland Guardian Ad Litem Agency
Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Association
Northern Ireland Practice and Education Council (NIPEC)
Northern Ireland Social Care Council (NISCC)
Patient and Client Council
Regional Agency for Public Health and Social Well Being (RAPHSW)
Regional Business Support Organisation (RBSO)
Regional Health and Social Care Board (RHSCB)
Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA)

United Kingdom

Published date:
Jan 01 1900

Dec 23 2011

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