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Defra, its Agencies and (in the case of one site) another Government organisation currently occupy a number of different sites in geographically dispersed locations within the UK.

The catering and in some cases hospitality and a limited vending service are currently provided to these sites by different service providers under different contracts depending on the geographic location, size and requirements of the site.

In order to achieve a consistent approach and set common standards across the sites Defra is seeking to appoint a single service provider to deliver the catering, hospitality and vending services across the following sites*:

1. Crewe
2. Cumbria – Workington
3. London – Nobel House
4. London – Whitehall Place
5. Lowestoft
6. Newcastle-upon-Tyne
7. Reading – Coley Park
8. Weybridge
9. Worcester
10. York – Foss House
11. York – Sand Hutton

*The sites may be subject to change.

The aim of the Catering Services procurement is to secure a consistent catering service across the Defra estate that will meet sustainability requirements, promote healthy eating and achieve significant reductions in current subsidy levels.

United Kingdom

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Jun 04 2016

Sep 10 2010

Phelan Caroline

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