Building of a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

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The Trust is based on the Royal United Hospital (RUH) which occupies one site on the north-western edge of the city of Bath. It provides general acute hospital services for a population of 450,000-500,000

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is located on the ground of the Princess Anne Wing (PAW) building in the RUH South zone and was constructed in the 1970's. NICU is located adjacent to the delivery suite with direct access into the unit.
The proposed application consists of a single storey new-build extension, and the refurbishment of the space occupied by the existing NICU facility. This tender will be for the new build element. The new-build element will accommodate the clinical, support and reception functions as a discreet but contemporary intervention between the Princess Anne Wing and the adjacent Wolfson building.
The proposal of separation of the new build element from the existing will allow it to be completed with minimum disruption to the life of the existing NICU.
On completion, occupation of the new building will free the existing area for refurbishment. The location of the various functions as described in the previous paragraph means that the new NICU will be able to operate whilst the less critical functions of Parents' Room and Staff Offices are being refurbished in the newly vacated existing NICU.
The proposed development will contain 21 cots, each with its own micro-environment in which heating, lighting, noise levels and support equipment can be tailored to individual needs. The overall total will be sub divided into the following spaces:
· Intensive care - 4 cot nursery;
· High dependency - 3 cot nursery;
· Special care - 4 cot nursery;
· Special care - 4 cot nursery;
· Special care - 4 cot nursery;
· Special care - single cot nursery;
· Special care - single cot nursery.

The team have defined three key aims in the sustainability agenda for the new NICU:
· The new NICU should not be a one-off showcase for sustainability, but should serve as a template and catalyst for sustainable healthcare design by challenging existing standards, defining new targets and developing strategies replicable elsewhere in the health sector.
· The building should become a tool to educate others in sustainability - not just within the RUH, but within the wider community. A nominated Sustainability Champion will hold and disseminate the knowledge of how the building works.
· The strategy for sustainability should lead to a building which is:
· LEAN - Design the base-case to minimise energy use.
· MEAN - Do as much as possible passively.
· GREEN - Maximise sustainability of active systems.
This strategy has been described in diagram form.

Through the design process we have been using the new BREEAM Healthcare 2008 to track and score the sustainability on the project. We are aiming for BREEAM 'Excellent'.
The Trust is therefore inviting expressions of interest from suitably qualified and experienced contractors to participate in this project, working with the appointed architects, specialist consultants and engineers as part of a design and build project.

Please Note: The start date on this advertisement is incorrect.

It is expected that interest in this project will be high and the Trust will undertake a short listing process based on the Pre Qualification criteria submissions.

Short listed contractors may be invited to interview prior to issue of the Invitation To Tender before tender.

Tender submissions will be evaluated on the basis of the above criteria and most economically advantageous tender offered.

United Kingdom

Published date:
Aug 09 2016


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