Request for Tenders (RFT) for Provision of Training Services for Professional Development Panel 2019

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Closed 545 days ago
Closed 515 days ago
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Bernadette Beecher


The objective of this request for tender (RFT) is to establish a panel from the highest scoring tender responses, for the delivery of various courses as part of the Visual Artists Ireland Professional Development Training Programme.

Visual Artists Ireland is the representative body for professional visual artists in Ireland. Established in 1980, VAI offers the broadest range of services that are designed specifically for visual artists and visual arts organisations by specialists. Our mandate comes directly from: individual visual artists, artists groups, arts organisations, and independent art workers. Our goals are to provide: information, support, advice, and applicable examples of best practice in an accessible and clearly understood manner.

Visual Artists Ireland operates a wide range of professional development training and events throughout the year including workshops, peer discussion groups, seminars, talks and our annual national day for the visual arts event ‘Get Together’. The delivery of this programme is greatly supported by our relationship with local and international visual art professionals and partner organisations throughout the island of Ireland. VAI works in partnership with Local Authorities, visual arts venues and others, combining resources to support the professional development of visual artists at regional level.