Invitation to Tender for a Commercial Concession to Operate Markets in 2 LOTS

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Closed 1203 days ago
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Gary Sullivan


Dublin City Council proposes to award a commercial concession in 2 lots to operate a market in Merrion Square and Herbert Park, in 2 lots. Tenderers may apply for one or both lots.
The concession for each Lot will be issued for a three year period with the option, at the sole discretion of Dublin City Council, to extend for a further two periods of one year each.
Details for each lot are as follows:
Lot 1: Merrion Square – a weekday lunchtime market in Merrion Square, Dublin 2 (weekly lunchtime, one day per week, high quality food at reasonable prices).
Lot 2: Herbert Park – a full day farmers market in Herbert Park, Dublin 4 (weekly, one day of the weekend, artisan produce, in season vegetables, arts & crafts).

The concessionaire must provide a high quality market that will compliment the superb public amenities that host it. The concessionaire must endeavour to accommodate local producers, artists and crafts to promote local enterprise and develop a sense of community around the market.
Both markets must be provided in a manner conducive with the public’s enjoyment of both parks, whether they are customers of the markets or not.

Please see the tender documents for full details.