Consultancy for the Selection of Local Comparators (employers) for the UN System in Belize

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The UN System in Belize uses a common system of salaries, allowances and benefits for remuneration of its’ locally recruited staff members that are covered by UN Staff Regulations and Rules. The basis for the establishment of conditions of service for UN staff members is the corresponding local labour market and must be consistent with prevailing levels of pay for similar services, similar contract conditions and comparable work in the local labour market.  It is therefore necessary to gather information on local conditions of employment in a structured manner to support the selection of local comparators (employers) and in due course, revised salary scales.   In keeping with the objective of simplicity, remuneration scales must be designed to be comprehensive, inclusive of the value of typical allowances and benefits that are found in the local labour market.  The value of these remuneration scales is that they are broadly competitive with the total remuneration values for the desired market position.The process for selecting local comparators must be simple and transparent. The contents of the succeeding section of this TOR is aimed at providing structural guidance that will make the process straight forward and consistent across duty stations in a more structured approach. The UN Local Salary Survey Committee (LSSC) in Belize would like to update the current comparators in accordance with the set standards and procedures in the UN ICSC Methodology for Salary Surveys at non-Headquartered Duty Stations.In this context, the UN LSSC would like to engage the services of a reputable and technically qualified firm or individual with extensive expertise in labour market analyses, compensation and benefits systems, management and organizational development to undertake the survey of potential local comparators.The UN LSSC therefore hereby solicits proposals from interested firms/individuals to conduct this survey and support the UN in establishing a revised and reasonable list of local comparators based on the latest prevailing market rates and in accordance with the policies and procedures.

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