Kingston, ON Portsmouth Harbour. New Search & Rescue Dock (EQ734-220069/A)

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Dhanna, Sheila
(416) 315-9944 ( )


Trade Agreement: Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA)
Tendering Procedures: All interested suppliers may submit a bid
Competitive Procurement Strategy: Lowest/Lower Bid
Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement: No
Nature of Requirements:

Kingston, Ontario - Portsmouth Harbour Marina. New Search and Rescue Dock.

Project No: R.106283.001

Dhanna, Sheila
Telephone No. (416) 315-9944
Fax No. (416) 952-1257


Due to the impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, temporary measures are being taken on-site at the Ontario Region Bid Receiving Unit to encourage social distancing. The health and safety of staff and suppliers remains our top priority.

Suppliers are required to submit bids electronically using the Canada Post epost Connect application for the subject bid solicitation. This service allows suppliers to submit bids, offers and arrangements electronically to PWGSC Bid Receiving Units. This online service enables the electronic transfer of large files up to Protected B level. Please refer to SI06 Submission of Bid for additional details. Bidders should also note the requirements set out in SI05 Bid Security Requirements and that only electronic bid bonds will be accepted as bid security. A scanned copy of a bond does not constitute an electronic bond. Certified cheques, bank drafts, standby Letters of Credit and hard copy bid bonds will not be acceptable.

To use epost Connect to submit your bid, or to get more information on its use, please send an email to the Ontario Region Bid Receiving Unit’s generic address at

Faxed and hard copy (submitted in person or via mail/courier) bids will not be accepted for the subject bid solicitation.

Given current circumstances and network limitations, some active procurements may be delayed. To stay up to date on the status of specific procurements, please consult

Work of this Contract comprises of the construction of a concrete deck on piles and floating docks at the Canadian Coast Guard Search and Rescue Facility base in Portsmouth Marina, Kingston, Ontario


There will be a mandatory site visit on June 16, 2021 at 10:00AM. Interested bidders are to meet at: Search and Rescue Base compound, Portsmouth Harbour Marina, Kingston, Ontario.
The site visit for this project is MANDATORY. Bids submitted by Bidders who have not attended the site visit, will be rejected.

NOTE: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the following precautions are mandatory during the site visit:

Safety Attire:
In order to be guaranteed access to the site visit, all persons are required to wear proper personal protection equipment, safety boots, hard hats; Safety glasses and non-medical face mask/face covering.
a. Personal Protective Equipment Required
b. Safety Boots
c. Hard Hat
d. Safety glasses
e. Reflective vest (optional)
f. Non-medical masks/face covering
g. Attendees to supply their own hand sanitizer.

Site Visit Plan
• Only one bidder from each company permitted, to a maximum of 10 people including PSPC or other representatives.
• The site visit will be carried out in groups of maximum 10 people at a time.
• Departmental Representative will lead bidders, allowing bidders to view the existing conditions.

COVID-19 Precautions
• Bidders are required to present proof of completion of COVID-19 screening using the COVID-19 worker and employee screening tool ( and declaration that they are not ill at arrival.

NOTE: If you fail the screening do not attend the meeting.
• Wear a Non-medical masks/face covering at all times while outside of vehicle.
• Observe proper hand hygiene while on site. Sanitize hands before entering the building and after exiting.
• Maintain 2m physical distancing at all time.
• Attendance will be taken by Bidders announcing their name and Departmental Representative recording (no list will be passed around).
• Avoid social greetings (e.g. shaking hands).

For the day of the site visit:
1. Contractors, consultants, and project team will meet at the Search and Rescue Base compound, Portsmouth Harbour Marina, Kingston.
2. Contractors, consultants, and project team will be required to complete the COVID-19 screening using the COVID-19 worker and employee screening tool (
3. All parties are to wear masks at all times.
4. Two metre physical distancing will be maintained during the visit, the visit duration will be kept to a minimum.
5. Entry into the building is forbidden, except in the electrical room via the exterior side door .
6. PSPC PM will provide DFO a copy of the PSPC Attendance/Sign sheet. (for contact tracing purposes)

Bidders must communicate with the Contracting Authority no later than two (2) days prior to the scheduled site visit to confirm attendance and provide the name(s) of the person(s) who will attend.

Bidders who do not attend the site visit or do not send a representative will not be given an alternative appointment.

This procurement contains mandatory requirements; failure to comply will result in rejection of the bid.

Within the Invitation To Tender, the Crown sets out the project requirements, i.e., the particulars of the project itself and the broad scope of work required from the contractor.

The Contractor must perform and complete the Work within Twenty five (25) weeks from the date of notification of acceptance of the offer.

All enquiries of a technical and contractual nature, are to be submitted to the Contracting Officers, Sheila Dhanna: e-mail: or Telephone: (416) 315-9944.

Documents may be submitted in either official language of Canada.
Bid Receiving: the Ontario Region Bid Receiving Unit’s generic address at

Delivery Date: Above-mentioned

The Crown retains the right to negotiate with suppliers on any procurement.

Documents may be submitted in either official language of Canada.

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