Collection, Decontamination, Cleaning and Disinfection of Community Loan Store Equipment.

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Kent County Council (the Contracting Authority), on behalf of The Central Buying Consortium (CBC), has created an accessible Framework Agreement for the Collection, Decontamination, Cleaning and Disinfection of Community Loan Store Equipment.
The Agreement will be accessible by all members of the Central Buying Consortium (CBC), London Councils, Medway Council, all members of the South East Improvement and Efficiency Partnership (SEIEP) and all local authorities and government organisations e.g. Police, Fire & Rescue Service, Ambulance Service, NHS Trusts and all other public bodies and third sector organisations operating within these geographical regions.
Current CBC members can be found at
Current members and constituencies of the London Assembly can be found at
Current South East Improvement and Efficiency Partnership members can be found at
Information on other public bodies, third sector organisations, academic centres and publicly funded organisations can be found at: / / / / / / / / / / /
The Contracting Authority has appointed Suppliers for the collection, decontamination, cleaning and disinfection of Community Loan Store Equipment. This will include a collection and delivery service from point of use to the relevant Equipment Store.
Typical items of equipment that will be required to be collected, decontaminated, cleaned and disinfected under this Agreement include:
Bed Levers.
Bedside Rails.
Tap Turners.
Perching Stools.
Kettle/Teapot Tippers.
Walking Aids.
Bath/Shower Boards & Seats.
Bath Step and Sections.
Mobile Hoists.
Hoist Slings.
Shower Chairs.
Shower Chair, Seats, Arms, Backs and Footplates.
Commode Pots.
Special Seating including paediatric chairs (not collected by contracted service).
Toilet Frame & Seat.
Electrical Bath Lifts.
Overbath/Swivel Bathers.
Pillow and Leg Lifters (and Covers).
Transfer/Commode Chairs.
Paediatric Equipment, Bathing, Seating, Standing (small, medium and large).
Mattresses and Cushions.
The above list is not exhaustive and additional items of equipment may be added throughout the life of the Agreement.
The Contracting Authority requires the decontamination service to make safe community equipment for handling by staff and for further use within the community and it is essential in reducing the risk of transmitting infectious agents in line with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Guidance Notes available from the Department of Health.

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